Passport Application
Before you start to fill out the online application form at:

  • You should first change the time zone of your computer/device into ‘Kathmandu’ time.
  • Get ready the scanned copies of required documents in your computer. You have to complete your online application within 15 minutes, otherwise the application session will be expired, and you need to start afresh.
Please follow these steps/rules to fill out online form for passport renewal:
1. Enter https://emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np on your browser for online application for passport.
2. Click “Apply for Passport” and then choose one of the options that answers why you are applying for the passport: First Issuance, Renewal, Replacement (Lost/Stolen) or Replacement (Damaged).
3. After reading the instructions, Select the size of the passport you want to apply for: Ordinary 34 pages or Ordinary 66 pages as per your need and click to “Proceed” & ‘I agree’
4. Fill up your required details under the different subheadings. Please note that applicants in USA are not mandatorily required to fill up their NIN (National ID Number). You can skip the field if you do not have National ID number. If you have taken NIN, enter its number.
5. Upload separate scanned copies of your Nepali citizenship card (front and back), your MRP/previously issued e-passport’ s personal data page (Page 2 and 3) and back page (Page 30 and 31), marriage certificate in case your current surname has changed because of your marriage, and a copy of your migration certificate in case your permanent address is other than mentioned in your citizenship card.
6. Click on ‘Book Your Appointment’ and select NPM New York as your option and select your preferred date and time.
7. Then submit the form and download it.
8. Please print a copy of the pre-enrollment application form with QR.

IF YOU ARE LIVING OR WORKING IN ONE OF THESE STATES: CONNECTICUT, MAINE, MASSACHUSETTS, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, PENNSYLVANIA, RHODE ISLAND and MAINE States, please choose “NPM New York” as your passport application appointment location. Applicants living in other than these States of the US are requested to apply at the “NE, WASHINGTON DC” because of Consulate’s limited consular jurisdiction.

(राहदानी आवेदन गर्न/अनलाइन अपोइन्टमेन्ट लिंदा यदि तपाईं कनेक्टिकट, न्यूजर्सी, न्यूयोर्क, न्यू हेमशायर, पेन्सिल्भेनिया, भर्मन, मासाच्युसेट्स, मेन वा रोड आइल्याण्ड मध्येका राज्यमा बसोबास गर्नुहुन्छ भने आवेदनस्थल “NPM New York” छान्नुहोला। अन्य राज्यमा बसोबास गर्नुहुनेले “NE, WASHINGTON DC” छनौट गरी अपोइन्टमेन्ट लिएर मात्र फोटो खिचाउन र बायोमेट्रिकका लागि सम्बन्धित नियोगमा जानुहुन अनुरोध गरिन्छ। यस महावाणिज्यदूतावासका लागि तोकिएको कार्यक्षेत्रानुसार जनशक्ति सानो र कार्यचाप उच्च रहेकोले सबै राज्यबाट प्राप्तहुने आवेदन प्रशोधन गर्न कठिनाई हुने व्यहोरा अनुरोध छ।)

Documents Required for E-Passport Application:

Applicants have to bring the original documents and photocopies of the following documents along with the printed application for passport renewal:

1. Original passport and a photocopy
2. Original Nepali citizenship certificate/card and a photocopy
3. Copy of Marriage certificate in case your current surname has changed because of your marriage and a copy of your migration certificate in case your permanent address is other than mentioned in your citizenship card

4.For Minor (Applicants below 16 years), minor identity certificate, previous passport, parents’ citizenship certificates, marriage certificate and their photocopies.

Fees/Revenue for Passport Renewal:
$150 for regular renewal and $300 for lost or damages
$75 for regular renewal and $150 for lost or damages (In case of minor below 10 years)

Payment Method: Money order or cashier’s cheque are only acceptable (Please write “Consulate General of Nepal, New York.” on your money order or cashier’s check, without revenue fee, application will not be processed). Cash and debit card/Credit Card/Bank-issued personal check are NOT accepted.


Applicants only with prior appointments are requested to visit the Consulate General office on the date of your appointments for biometrics. 

After online appointment for e-Passport, separate call or email are not necessary.

For new born applicants, Birth certificate (Registered in the concerned Ward Office in Nepal) or Minor Identity Card issued from the District/Area Administration Office in Nepal is required.

Application processing time: 6-8 weeks

Delivery of New passport: Once the Consulate receives new passport from the Department of Passport, it will be shipped to your address, if you have arranged a self-addressed pre-paid return envelope with tracking number, or you can pick up from the Consulate Front Desk if you have opted to self-collect/pick up.

Applicants 16 years and above without Nepali citizenship certificate can renew their passport for one time with two years validity of the new passport from the date of issuance. However, the applicant has to present his/her minor certificate, parent’s marriage certificate, Nepali citizenship certificates of parents along with the current passport of the applicant.

Additional information on e-passport can also be found on the website of the Department of Passports, Kathmanduhttps://nepalpassport.gov.np/

The Consulate General of Nepal in New York has started e-passport services from March 25, 2022.